Photography & Creativity

7/27/2018 IPSW Update 1.1

Download IPSWs, remove old IPSWs


3/14/2017 ShiftEvents 1.1

Batch rename calendar events

See it here

7/31/2014 Kronical 1.7

this had to go!

7/31/2014 yesGSX 1.2

this had to go too!


also this.

11/19/2010 Random Photos

Shows photos in random order.
see it here

12/20/2009 Shaky Clock

A clock that shakes. see it here

11/13/2009 Big Munson Panorama

A panorama taken from outside the commissioner's site on Big Munson Island, Florida. Created using Autopano Giga and Autopano Tour. see it here

11/10/2009 Africa Zen Garden

An African CSS for the CSS Zen Garden. see it here

Adventures to come!